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Start a Slimming Clinic

Start a Slimming Clinic

3 in 1 LipoSlim Slimming Clinic Franchise Opportunity


3 in 1 LipoSlim is not just an aesthetic and slimming clinic but an opportunity for you to work for yourself in the best MONEY making industry in the world. Most of us work hard, putting in more hours than called for.  But who gets the benefit of this effort? If you work for others, the real financial reward is theirs. YOU can change that!! You can make the extra effort and the reward will be yours.  YOU can do it by becoming your own boss, if you own your own 3 in 1 LipoSlim Clinic. This opportunity is excellent for you as it is a LOW investment with FAST and HIGH returns on investment!


Why invest in a 3 in 1 LipoSlim Slimming Clinic Franchise?


3 in 1 LipoSlim is not just an aesthetic and slimming clinic but an opportunity for you to work for yourself in the best MONEY making industry in the world. 3 in 1 LipoSlim concept is result orientated and can PROVE that the program works. The franchise opportunity is about securing franchisees’ ongoing and enthusiastic co-operation for mutual benefit.  The franchisee will operate under an established brand, with access to proven systems and procedures and enjoying the hands-on support of the franchisor’s experienced team that takes care of many of the hurdles that entrepreneurs would otherwise have to content with alone. The concept allows the franchise to get HIGH returns on investment and make MONEY.



Why invest in 3 in 1 LipoSlim?


The owners of 3 in 1 LipoSlim has been in the slimming industry for more than 20 years.  The owners were involved in former aesthetic franchises and then developed a successful proven concept with the 3 in 1 LipoSlim franchise that is rewarding financially with minimal effort.


This results in minimum growing pains for 3 in 1 LipoSlim Franchisees. Letting you take advantage of the risks already taken by others in developing a successful business.  The franchisor is there to help during every step along the way.


3 in 1 LipoSlim specializes in Slimming techniques, cellulite treatments, centimetre loss, muscle toning and detoxifying treatments as well as various aesthetic treatments.


By combining the latest technology and a unique concept exceptional results is proven and guaranteed. Due to our success in the past and the professional way of conducting business, the entrepreneur who invests with us will have a very good chance of joining in our success. The aim is not only based on the success of the client but also on the owner for being part of a lucrative business.





  1. 3 in 1 LipoSlim offer you an excellent opportunity within a demanding and growing market.
  2. With our experience and success, we are able to support you from the site selection to operating a successful business.
  3. No experience in healthcare is necessary – however an enthusiastic and positive person with ambition and drive is crucial for ongoing success.
  4. Exceptional business model is provided.
  5. Being part of a successful business also allows you to have financial freedom and complete work satisfaction.
  6. Being part of a franchise allows you to penetrate the market more successfully.
  7. It allows you to grow creatively within the business as well as giving you work satisfaction by helping other people look good and feel good about themselves.
  8. Complete training is provided.


3in1 Liposlim

Franchise will be your best investment:

  • no royalties / franchise fees
    • low investment & high income
    • complete turnkey operation
    • state of the art technology
    • comprehensive training
    • protected territories
    • locations available throughout
    South Africa, Namibia and Botswana


LIFT YOUR SALON or CLINIC to new heights with the 3 in 1 LipoSlim concept or start your own clinic and become a complete 3 in 1 LIPOSLIM center. You will develop credibility, stand out from other salons and gain a competitive edge that cannot be matched.

click on the link below to watch our 3in1 Liposlim Video


3in1 Liposlim Franchise Opportunities available in

North West
Eastern Cape
Western Cape
Northern Cape


Visit us at our Head Office for a full briefing of the franchise set up and complimentary demo of our treatments. During your visit you will be assessed to see if you qualify to open a franchise.





CEO of 3in1 LipoSlim and Rozess SuppliesTo make an appointment with Amelia please contact her at our Head Office
086 199 9661/ 0832829671

[email protected]





Representitave for
3in1 LipoSlim and Rozess SuppliesTo make an appointment with Lindi please contact her at on079 259 6600/086 199 9661 [email protected]



Contact us today to start with an exciting opportunity in the Slimming Industry!


3 in 1 LipoSlim Head office 086 199 9661 / Lindi 079 259 6600

[email protected]