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Money is walking out your salon door – here is how you stop it from happening

How can my salon make more money in the recession time?

salon supplies


Train your salon team how to upsell their regular treatments like facials and pedicures.


Good salon management is just as vital as good marketing and training your team to up-sell is a quick way to improve business profits. Up-selling salon service not only increases sales but is just as importantly as it adds value to your customer relationships. For example, if a customer is just having the same old facial each time she comes in wouldn’t it be beneficial to her if she could have a lash and brow tint and brow shape included? Or if she is having a pedicure you can include a SurgiHeel treatment for her heels. If the answer is yes and these options haven’t been recommended then this is another “lost sale” opportunity. From experience, it is known that therapists who aren’t trained to up-sell and cross-sell often do not offer the customer additional services or products. They take the easy way and just do the service the customer has scheduled for. Potential profits could be walking out the door every single day. Can your salon afford this to be happening?

Today, the secret to success in the beauty industry is about retaining every customer and serving them so well they become raving fans for your salon. Let your customers become your best advertisement because you and your team know “what your customers really want”. This builds sales growth, the key indicator of the health of every salon.
Start up selling your treatments and make sure no-money will be walking out the door.


You can earn an extra R20 250 this August and only spend R1000!

make more money in your salon

Up sell your facial treatments with a lash and brow tint and brow shape to the value of R175

refectocil tinting kit Rozess Supplies






• Brown, Black and Blue-Black Tint
• Tinting Booklet
• Tinting Brush
• Tinting Glass Bowls x2
• Peroxide Vol10 200ml
• Vaseline 50g
• Cotton Petals 80
• Cotton swabs, Tissue 2ply 200
• Eyebrow Brush & Comb




Ad a SurgiHeel treatment to your client’s pedicure to the value of R150

cracked heels

SURGIHEEL (for calloused and cracked skin) & Consumable pack

• Latex Gloves S/M/L x1
• Cotton Wool I/L 500g
• Facial Tissues 200
• Cotton Petals/rounds 80’s
• Finger cots x 10
• Cotton buds (100) x1
• Wax Spatulas Big (100) x1



R1000 pack includes Refectocil Tinting Kit, SurgiHeel & Consumable pack with a FREE marketing template to up sell your treatments

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Winter promotions

Top upLipoSculpt TOP UP Promo now available


Order before 31/07/2015 and you will receive 4x LipoSculpt Thermo gel and 4x LipoSculpt Body Sponge for FREE worth R1240


LipoSculpt Top Up Promo

1 x LipoSculpt Thermo gel Professional
5 x LipoSculpt Thermo gel Retail
5 x LipoSculpt Body Sponge
2 x LipoSculpt Slimming Weigh Protein Chocolate
2 x LipoSculpt Slimming Weigh Protein Strawberry
2 x LipoSculpt Slimming Weigh Protein Vanilla

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