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VACU Slim – Aerofat


An innovative non-invasive technique for reducing the appearance of cellulite and re-sculpt the body contours. 

For Whom? Why? 

For those who wants to remold their body for a more shapely and smooth appearance. 


A slimmer waistline, butt and thighs. A noticeable improved orange-shape skin that is smooth.

The Star Product

French plastic surgeons developed the techniques used in Aerofat. Aerofat uses rollers that often feel like deep tissue massage, over problem areas of the skin. At the same time, suction is used to redistribute the skin and remove dimpling.

  • The spring type roller in the head provides excellent rolling effects. Negative pressure, close adhesion, and roller vibration improves the performance, and it is easy to move the roller.
  • Through roller head on the head controller (handle), the user can start/stop the device and control the air pressure intensity.
  • With the timer, the user can easily set the operation time.
  • To avoid dead zones of monitoring, the user can adjust the monitor positions in three phrases.
  • The modern design device will enlighten your business place.
  • Simplified program will help the user use and operate the device conveniently.

Head Operation Device

The grip is designed focusing on easy to use for the users. The head controller is made of harmless silicon and curved shape for smooth gripping and less fatigue over a long time operation. – Start / Stop / Air pressure control in five steps.

Roller Head Device

The roller head grasps the skin for smooth and complete rolling. Under any condition – stocking on, naked or oiled – the roller head provides perfect performance. Strong and soft positive pressure on the skin, fat, and muscles. Close adhesion with skin and muscles. Comfort rolling and application or negative pressure. Three types roller head are available ( Large, Medium, Small ) for different size of body.

Those opting for Aerofat usually need about 14 to 28 sessions of about 45 minutes each to see results and must also have monthly treatments afterwards to maintain the smooth skin look. 

Due to the lymph drainage effect, drinking water on the day of procedures helps yield a better result. 

Results can be seen from the first session. 

Average turnover & profit projection 

The following is just for illustrative purposes, an example of income and cost; every area, manager, clients; advertisement etc will have a different cost and turnover influence. This is no guarantee for any business. No market research has been done on any area.


24 Working days per month:
Working on R350 per hour minimum income

  • 1 Hour p/d R 8 400 p/m Income
  • 2 Hour p/d R 16 800 p/m Income
  • 3 Hour p/d R 25 200 p/m Income
  • 4 Hour p/d R 33 600 p/m Income
  • 5 Hour p/d R 42 000 p/m Income
  • 6 Hour p/d R 50 400 p/m Income

Finance options available