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No Needle Mesotheraphy

Non-invasive approach for transdermal delivery of active substance/serums and nutritional formulas eliminates unwanted side effects.                              

For Whom? Why? 

For those who want to enhance their product penetration and performance for improved treatment results. No Needle Mesotherapy open cells membrane woundless, absorb nutritional products or serum, improve cell metabolism, promote cells regeneration. Mesotherapy has been successful in body shaping, cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation. Great results with pigmentation treatments. 


The No Needle Mesotheraphy device enhances penetration of active substance/serums and nutritional formulas and improves the treatment results with 80% and more 

The Star product 

Needle free Mesotherapy completely replace the traditional needle and micro-needle injection. The No Needle Meso System delivers a mid to low pulse rate with high vibration selected to hide any electrical pulse perception from the patient. Small circular movements are used to achieve a homogeneous transdermal delivery of a serum or formula. Results with the system have proven a significant change in the skin’s elasticity and hydration. Active substance/formulas without the treatment only reach the epidermal layer of the skin, whereas the machine promotes the penetration of the product into the dermal layer of the skin. Electro-oration also requires less experience than injections therefore it can be delegated to ancillary staff. 

NO NEEDLE MESO SYSTEM can safely be used on the entire body and results can be seen with the first treatment. 

No Needle Mesotherapy equipment 

Work Theory: 

No Needle Mesotherapy is a comprehensive alternative to traditional injection (with needle and micro-needle).It is more efficient, non-invasive and safe Mesotherapy method. It uses the electrophoresis technique, easily opens the water channel entrance of cells membrane, and penetrates into cells membrane, through hair follicle, sweat glands and cuticle, to promote circulation instantly, It can promote high-concentration active substance, directly to penetrate into deeper skin layers. The active substance will stay in lymph system about 1200hours, so promoting the metabolism and maintaining the cell viability and skin elasticity.

Recomended with Eporex mesotherpy products that is imported from Italy. Availble on our online shop. 

Business opportunity 

Average turnover & profit projection 

The following is just for illustrative purposes, an example of income and cost; every area, manager, clients; advertisement etc will have a different cost and turnover influence. This is no guarantee for any business. No market research has been done on any area.


24 Working days per month: 

Working on R 650 per hour minimum income 

  • 1 Hour p/d R 15 600 p/m Income 
  • 2 Hour p/d R 31 200 p/m Income 
  • 3 Hour p/d R 46 800p/m Income 
  • 4 Hour p/d R 62 400 p/m Income 
  • 5 Hour p/d R 78 000 p/m Income 
  • 6 Hour p/d R 93 600 p/m Income