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Skin Analyzer

The Rozess Solution 

Skin of Perfection – Unlock the beauty of your skin with the perfect skin analyze and the correct product description. 

For Whom? Why? 

For those who would like the correct skin analyze the first time and have their skin conditions treated an accordingly. Treatment outcome will be guaranteed perfection. 


Correctly identified skin conditions. The best product prescription for each individual. Each ones complexion is as unique as their fingerprint, therefor it needs special attention.

The Star product 

Let the Skin Analyzer unlock the beauty of their skin! Our computerized Skin Analyzer will analyze each client’s skin and prescribe your pre-programed skincare of choice, specific to each client’s needs. This will ensure happy clients with clean, healthy and irresistibly beautiful skin that glows with an inner light! The Skin Analyzer will put your business ahead of the competition and attract new customers! 

Business opportunity 

The Skin Analyzer can be used as an ad on to facial treatments to improve product/treatments sales. “My business has doubled since I added the Skin Analyzer”