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See what you are made off

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 Monitoring weight is not enough to see health and progress of the body change

Although both women may weigh the same, their body compositions are different; one has a higher muscle mass and lower fat mass than the other.

The body composition analyzer can show you how you are built and help you select the best fitness plans to fit your specific needs. Inbody’s analysis displays a visual representation of your data and history that is both easy to read and motivating to follow.



Your Healthcare Partner,

Inbody will help you plan an effective weight loss program

  • Measures compositions such as muscle, fat, water, protein and minerals.
  • Analyzes lean and fat mass of 5 different regions of the body
  • Provides single-paged results sheet for consultation use



Data Management software for the most detailed Inbody Results


inbodyWireless connection with Inbody120

The Lookin’Body and Inbody120 can be easily connected via Bluetooth. Access the user data and remotely control the Inbody120


Strategic consultation

Provide detailed analysis with the Results sheet and history graph of each outputs with the Lookin’body.



Motivating has never been this easy!