microlaser technology

Advanced skin health by merging invigorating salon therapies with advanced medical technology.


“MicroLaser takes non-invasive skin rejuvenation to a whole new level even a level above IPL. In clinical studies performed by leading South African aesthetic doctors, the MicroLaser was shown to provide better results than many other skin rejuvenation devices.”

Dr Annelie Trefz


Transformation peel tip


The phenomenal designed, dual-functioning handpiece gives you control over serum type and flow, enabling you to tailor the treatment to different skin types and concerns. In addition, each treatment uses a series of unique Transformation Peel tips – each with multiple ends to gentle exfoliate the skin several times each pass, achieving better, more even results.







The unique design of the TransformationPeel tips used in conjunction with the MicroLaser vacuum technology and serums creates a waterspout effect to easily dislodge and remove impurities while simultaneously introducing hydrating skin serums with active ingredients and potent antioxidants. This multi-step process includes a deep even cleanse and sebum removal, TransformationPeel with Lymphatic drainage, a waterspout extraction, MicroSkin Serum Boost and intensive non-invasive laser treatment that treats 8 different skin conditions.


The MicroLaser treatment exclusive skin solutions are clinically formulated using progressive ingredients to target specific skin concerns.


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