MicroLaser Health of business

Start or Grow your business using Innovative Technology

MicroLaser makes money swiftly for your business simply because any of your clients walking into your clinic are suitable for the treatment.

They will get instant results at an affordable price.

Make your Business healthier with MicroLaser

Successful marketing & loyal customer building strategy

Recurring revenue – repeat clients every 4weeks

Increase the Average spend per customer

Low Investment = High Return on Investment

5-Star Consistent business support

With the industry growing at such a rapid pace, the competitive threat to your business has never been greater. A stream of new entrants, quick service chains and those willing to play on price only stand to intensify this challenging environment in the years to come. The MicroLaser device and the complementing MicroSkin professional product range is one of the smartest revenue generating technology investments you can make. The treatment is more affordable for clients, providing instant, lasting results that keep them returning monthly. Because of this, MicroLaser becomes the focal point of your salon, allowing you to tie together all your ancillary services and generate substantial profit growth.

  • Minimum Investment, Maximum Return
  • Immediate Results Engage New Customers
  • Client Education Leads to Customer Retention
  • Monthly Clients = Increased Revenue

In addition, we provide ongoing 5-star support for your business using many unique strategies and tools to ensure that you get a quick return on investment and a continuous, robust income from this universally-loved treatment.


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