Laser Lux is the platinum standard in Laser Hair Removal that can fast, safe and effectively work on  all skin and hair types, removing hair growth permanently.


““The Laser Lux hair removal system is my most effective business tool. I specialize in the Brazilian laser hair removal; my clients are astonished that after the 3rd session they have no more hair growth. Even my male clients are very satisfied with their results and are very pleased to say that ingrown hair is a thing of the past. The results are amazing and I highly recommend it as a “must have” for all salon’s that wants the top of the range laser machine and have great results with much more profit.”

Marlene van den Berg

Even if you’ve tried other laser hair removal systems, you’ve never tried one with

the effectiveness of this advanced technology.

Our lasers are top-of-the-line. They target all skin colours. Result driven outcome from experienced and certified laser hair removal trainers and technicians

Now we target

– all areas

– all skin types

– all hair types

Permanent Results within 4-8 sessions

It’s not only important that you pick the most popular laser hair removal system but you must buy a permanent hair removal machine that has a very high success rate

To begin with, we have the Laser Lux that is the best selling and top rated hair removal machine.

The Newest & Most Advanced Workstation.


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