There is something about beautiful people that makes us want to watch them. We can’t stop looking at a good-looking actor, actress or model. And the face is where beauty starts, and the face products and skin care industry is a huge selling point.

Rozess sells face products like Derma Rollers, Microskin and Microlaser, Eporex Mesotherapy, Eyelash extensions and eyelash tinting, Facial waxing, Permanent make-up equipment, Facial equipment and also Facial consumables.

Derma rollers are rollers that contain tiny needles to help with introduction of collagen into skin. Microlaser Peel uses a laser to remove the top few layers of skin and expose fresh skin and is useful for treatment of scars, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation problems and general sun damage.

Eporex Mesotherapy send electrical signals through a mixture of nutrients to push this into the skin.

Permanent make-up uses tattoos on areas where make-up is normally applied on the face, that simulates the look of the make-up

Facial consumables include products for beauticians like applicators, sponges and brushes