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Finding a Laser Lipo Slimming Clinic in Midrand

Carlswald North
  • Image Focus 082 700 0847
Glen Austin
  • Compassionate Health care Services 082 952 3394
  • 3-in-1 Liposlim: 084 505 3970

Laser Lipo Treatment Results

Outcomes making use of Laser Lipo sometimes appears soon after treatment. Generally a 2-4cm decrease in stomach perimeter can be accomplished with every Laser Lipo treatment. A training course of 10 Laser Lipo therapies is recommended over 4 weeks with two to three remedies in a week.

Laser Lipo for Concentrated Fat Loss

Laser Lipo can concentrate on fat reduction in certain trouble spots. By positioning the laser pads in the target area eg chin area, upper arms, abdomen or upper thighs, fat can be split up and got rid of particularly from that location. This is certainly an enormous advantage over exercise and diet which may reduce as a whole human body fat however not in particular places.

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